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Sports Investments Fund™ is constantly approached by persons and entities who both seek investments and have the desire to invest in the football/soccer area. Potential investors range from qualified investors under SEC regulations to billionaires in industry and professional sports team owners and investment groups.

The partners of SIF™ can consequently arrange capital introductions, create investment vehicles, and in certain circumstances, directly invest in soccer projects.

Club Acquisition and Sale
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We regularly assist persons and entities seeking to purchase and sell interests in clubs and football assets.

We have contacts around the world and can provide our other services from the Sports Investments Fund™ family, such as legal advice from our law group, capital from our investments, and consultancy for advice regarding the desirability of the sought transaction.

Representative Matters
  • Currently assisting a major accounting agency and broker seeking to locate purchasers in Europe.
  • Assisting an entity in locating an purchasing in Africa.
  • Assisting a Portuguese top division team seeking additional investment in the team, facilities, and academy.
Project Financing
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Our investments group can both provide capital introduction and directly arrange investors and financiers for a football industry transaction or asset. We have contacts at major banks, private funds, investment entities, and wealthy individuals that are football savvy and are willing to invest in football related matters.

We can also assist with the business plan and documentation that the investors are looking for to help find investment in client’s project.

Representative Matters
  • Assisted in a $30M Europe initial financing of a professional soccer academy in Portugal, including a stadium with multiple fields, dormitories, school buildings, and supporting infrastructure.
  • Working with a Africa Country government on the creation of a large academy to house, feed, educate, and train up to 4,000 children—boys and girls.
  • Arranging the financing for the promotion of international friendly matches in Europe.
Privately – Held Investment Funds
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Sports Investments Fund™ can create privately held investment funds for accredited investors that would like to invest money in the Football world, but do not have sufficient funds to purchase significant assets by themselves.

Our fund allows “arm-chair” investors to have interests in football clubs, academies, and football-related businesses and investments with the expertise and sophistication of SIF™ personnel guiding the investment. We can create other special investment vehicles for specific projects and our law group can handle all entity formation and documentation for the formation and transaction.

Capital Introduction
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Sports Investments Fund™ is friendly with many wealthy individuals and entities that can provide non-traditional financing and capital for items. We can aggregate groups or make introductions between people who can pool assets when needed for larger transactions.

Many of our capital contact come from Europe and are from the tech industry.

Representative Matters
  • Brokering an investment in football academies in Africa, Brazil and Europe
  • Brokering introductions between groups who wish to invest in first division football teams in Europe, but lack full capital for the acquisition
  • Assisting in select financing for individual building projects for construction in a sports complex